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Programming, speculative fiction, science, technology
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IMG_5908 Fannish Feud, the pro team

Fannish Feud, the pro team, left to right: Thomas (Martin) Wagner (filmmaker and science fiction reviewer), Sigrid Close (a professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford University and ArmadilloCon 2014 science Guest of Honor), Ted Chiang (SF/F author and writer Guest of Honor), Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (artist GoH), Jacob Weisman (editor GoH).

Fannish Feud is an old ArmadilloCon tradition, but it was only this year that I decided to check it out. The rules are not explained to the audience beforehand, so you are left to guess. There are two teams, pros and fans. The person who conducts the game gives one team a question, for example, "A show on Syfy channel". I was puzzled -- does he want the players to guess what show he is thinking about? (See above, rules not explained.) Turns out, no -- he wanted each player to name ANY show on SyFy channel. I would not expect myself to name any show, because I don't follow pop culture, but even some of the players (who, presumably, are well-versed in it), named shows that weren't on SyFy channel.

The number of correct answers from each team is written down, and then the conductor gives the next question. There might be some variations and special cases in the rules that let teams score more points, but I stopped following it early on, so I don't know. My ears perked up briefly when I heard a question from Lord of the Rings, but that was it. I will go back to being oblivious to this trivia show in the years to come.

IMG_5908 Fannish Feud, the pro team