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Programming, speculative fiction, science, technology
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IMG_0739 Javascript-controlled blinkenlights light up

Kassandra tweaks something in one her hardware toys to make magic Javascript-controlled blinkenlights light up. Left to right: Joanne, Dawn, Linda from ActiveProspect, Nari, Nadine.

At the All Girl Hack Night February meeting at ActiveProspect, Kassandra Perch gave a presentation about Javascript in hardware. She brought several gadgets that let you program hardware with Javascript: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Espruino (microcontroller that runs Javascript natively), a Firefox phone (that lets you run HTML / CSS / Javascript applications natively -- as it says on Firefox phone website, "entire user interface is a web app capable of displaying and launching other Web apps"). Kassandra uses this phone as a remote controller to control presentation slides written in reveal.js. Maybe she brought something else too, but I forgot.

She showed us demos of code that uses johnny-five, a Javascript framework for Arduino. And the blinkenlights plugged into the Arduino actually lit up.

IMG_0739 Javascript-controlled blinkenlights light up