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Flipside 2007: laughing at exhaustion

The most unexpected thing that happened to me at Flipside: I walked right smack into one of the torches that lit up the central plaza. The torch was actually burning at the time. And yet I didn't see it. Realizing that I have just hit my head on something bright, I jumped back, and realized the bright thing was fire. I didn't get burned, though, to K's big surprise. I could not believe I could do such a thing. Maybe I wasn't quite well Friday night, after all.

The second most unexpected thing: my cell phone worked in Flat Creek, which is sufficiently far away from civilization so that most people weren't getting a cell signal, including people who use the same wireless provider as me. Two guys who witnessed my phone ringing said I must have magic powers. :-)

A thing that made me laugh. When we were sitting at our camp late at night, I was very tired and tried hard to stay awake, resting my face on my hands. A guy said: "Elze, it looks like your face is slipping and you're trying to keep it in place". I liked the figurative expression he used to describe my pose. In the galaxy I am from we call it "propping your eyelids with matchsticks". :-)