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Flipside 2007: costumes

CIMG6193 Me in a Flipside non-costume

The costumes at Flipside were, alas, too much like generic Halloween costumes -- a mishmash of naughty nurses, maids, goth nurses, goth maids, etc., only with even less consideration for esthetics than one would see at, say, a workplace Halloween party. Many of those costumes, I think, would have been disqualified by Kim Kofmel on the basis of "no costume is no costume" rule.

I wasn't planning on wearing a costume, since I don't have one, but on Sunday night Paul talked me into putting together a "costume" from various pieces found at the Burning Glam tent, where they had various items of clothing lying around, free for the taking. In keeping with the prevailing esthetics here, it was neither tasteful, nor flattering, nor, strictly speaking, much of a costume. It was fun, at first, to walk around in 6-inch platform boots (for the first time in my life), but after a few trips through ankle-deep mud, their soles came off. Nothing like a sudden feeling that the sole of your shoe is bending over backward and is about to send you face forward into the mud. Luckily, I didn't lose my balance and made it back to the camp somehow, and changed back into regular shoes. Still, the boots lasted enough for Paul to take some pictures of me in that costume. And since they were free anyway, what the hell! :-)

My pictures of select costumes from Flipside 2007 are in my photo gallery. (I did not take pictures of costumes I found unappealing.) Or you can go straight to the most popular costumes (as judged by the number of internet visitors they got over the years): blue crocheted dress and two girls.