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Controller against controller, or dangers of copy-pasted code

One downside of Angular, or any / most kinds of Javascript frameworks is that a lot of times when you make an error, the error message you'll get won't point you to a place in your code. No, the error will be entirely in the Angular stack, and it will be your own business how to tease from it the actual thing you did wrong.

For example, when writing frontend code using Angular.js, you sometimes get an error: " <controller name> is not a function: got undefined". Hmm. Well, this controller certainly exists. For the sake of the argument, let's give it the very boring name MyCtrl. You do the sanity check: is it being included in the HTML page? Yes, it is. What could it be, then? Does the controller have a syntax error in it? You run it through JSLint. No, the syntax seems to be OK.