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Flipside 2007: the noise

CIMG6028 This "kaleidoscope", at the top of a decorative structure at Flipside, changed patterns in time with the music.

I liked the Flipside atmosphere during daytime -- all the nice people I hung out with; the good conversations we had; the momentary amusements, such as whip-cracking practice (not at innocent bystanders :-)) By the way, the cracking sound of a whip is created by the velocity of the whip's tip crossing the sound barrier. So I learned at least one geeky thing, after all!

The geek factor at Flipside 2007: not too high

CIMG6041 "Marriage is (not) doing dishes together" sculpture at Flipside 2007

Sergey and Larry might have been disappointed.

Flipside 2007: costumes

CIMG6193 Me in a Flipside non-costume

The costumes at Flipside were, alas, too much like generic Halloween costumes -- a mishmash of naughty nurses, maids, goth nurses, goth maids, etc., only with even less consideration for esthetics than one would see at, say, a workplace Halloween party. Many of those costumes, I think, would have been disqualified by Kim Kofmel on the basis of "no costume is no costume" rule.

Flipside 2007: laughing at exhaustion

The most unexpected thing that happened to me at Flipside: I walked right smack into one of the torches that lit up the central plaza. The torch was actually burning at the time. And yet I didn't see it. Realizing that I have just hit my head on something bright, I jumped back, and realized the bright thing was fire. I didn't get burned, though, to K's big surprise. I could not believe I could do such a thing. Maybe I wasn't quite well Friday night, after all.

The Squelchy -- uh, sorry, Burning -- Flipside

I went to Flipside in 2007, the year it rained almost non-stop all summer, making water, not fire, the reigning element at Flipside. I spent half a day on Friday there, and Saturday night. I high-tailed it out of there on Saturday morning, unsure whether I'll come back. I did return on Sunday afternoon, and these disjoint blog posts speak about my mixed experiences with it.